5 Key Steps to Secure MBBS Admission in Armenia Universities for Indian Students

For medical aspirants worldwide MBBS in Armenia opens fantastic opportunities. It is a worthy decision to choose Armenia for MBBS. This country features top medical universities. Armenian medical universities attract medical candidates from worldwide due to their highly-equipped laboratories, up-to-date infrastructure, and low course fees. The best part of MBBS in Armenia is that the students don't have to clear any entrance exam for admission. Furthermore, the candidates are not required to learn any new language. The classes of Armenian MBBS courses are conducted in the English language. The duration of the time is 6 years. The candidates have to undergo theoretical medical studies for five years and one year for practical experience. Several Armenian medical universities and medical institutions are approved by WDOMS and NMC. Medical schools are globally recognized due to a high-standard education structure. For admission, the students must clear NEET and 10+2 with a minimum of 55% marks. In case you belong to the minority group, you need to secure only 45% of the total aggregate. Let us discuss the requisite steps for prospective students seeking admission into an Armenian MBBS program.

Plan your budget

When considering the cost of living, accommodation, and university fees, it is important to carefully plan your expenses. For international students, it may be worthwhile to explore available scholarships and apply for them accordingly. If scholarships are not an option, you will need to determine the best way to finance your education, whether through personal savings, student loans, grants, or other means. Conducting thorough research on the cost of MBBS education in Armenia will provide you with a realistic understanding of your overall budget.

Read the requirements and deadline carefully

The first step to applying for MBBS abroad is checking the requisite requirements listed on the university website or brochures. It is important to pay attention to the deadline for the submission of admission forms to make sure you don't miss out the opportunity.

Gather your documents

Once you are ready to apply, get your paperwork together. Some of the essential documents you will need are -

  1. Passport and ID
  2. 10th and 12th mark sheets
  3. University recommendation letter
  4. Scorecard of NEET
  5. School leaving certificate

Use the online application form

More schools nowadays tend to use an online application platform to make it easier for students to apply for the programs. Sending the documents electronically instead of by post is preferred by most schools and students as it is faster and usually less expensive or free.

Apply for a visa

Upon receiving the letter of acceptance and admission to a school, it is typically necessary to initiate the process of applying for a student visa. The application process for a student visa can be lengthy and complex, depending on the regulations of the country and the volume of applicants. Consequently, it is advisable to commence the application process and schedule an appointment or interview at the earliest opportunity. Required documents for the student visa application generally include a bank statement, the application form, the receipt of payment for both the application and university tuition fees, your passport, and pertinent medical and background information.


Studying medicine in Armenia is a fantastic opportunity for international students, and medical universities in Armenia offer an ideal choice for pursuing a career in this field. Admission to these universities is highly sought after, and for many students, it is a dream come true. Indian medical students, in particular, prefer studying MBBS in Armenia due to the universities' excellent clinical exposure, affordable tuition fees, and world-class education based on international standards. The universities also boast well-equipped infrastructure, providing students with an ideal environment to expand their knowledge and skills. With careful planning and attention to detail, you too can achieve admission to your preferred university in Armenia and begin your journey towards a rewarding career in medicine.

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