Mkhitar Gosh ARIU - Ensuring Quality Education in Armenia

Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian International University is a private university in Yerevan, Armenia. The university is known for its high standard of education, which attracts students from across the globe to pursue medicine in Armenia.

One reason behind the university’s excellence in medical education is the quality assurance and accreditation agency AQNA. Besides the consistent watch of AQNA, the greater independence enjoyed by private universities also ensures world-class education. 

Institutional Autonomy paves the way for Quality Education

There are several reasons ARIU can deliver world-class education, but institutional autonomy is the foremost. The relative freedom enjoyed by private universities in academic and financial matters makes them a preference for foreign students.

Institutional Autonomy brings the following advantages to Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian International University:

Academic freedom

The university has the freedom to design its curriculum and pedagogy. It enables the university to steer its academic programs according to the needs of the students. Autonomy in academic matters allows the faculty to prepare students to tackle global challenges in medicine.

Industry-responsive strategy

Universities that prepare students for industry demands are more successful. A greater freedom allows ARIU to adapt its medical program to the healthcare industry's requirements. Mkhitar Gosh’s graduates have a competitive edge while entering their professional lives.


ARIU can adapt to the changing demands quickly. Owing to lower administrative hurdles, it can innovate to streamline processes and expedite decision-making. Freedom to innovate allows more opportunities for experimentation and the introduction of newer curricula and pedagogies.

Effective Financial Management

Mkhitar Gosh ARIU has control over its finances since it does not depend on the government for funding. With this financial autonomy comes the freedom to invest in areas of crucial importance for medical education. The university attracts top faculty and researchers and maintains a state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Attracting and Cultivating Talent

ARIU attracts the best faculty for medical programs. Having independence in the appointment of faculty allows it to hire top researchers. Faculty find the freedom to conduct their research attractive and invest their creativity in training students.

How does Mkhitar Gosh ARIU use its autonomy to offer world-class medical education?

Financial Autonomy

Since ARIU is not dependent on government funding, it can use its financial autonomy to raise funds. The university is attractive to investors and can even borrow money. This ensures that the lack of funds doesn’t compromise the quality of education. The university ensures efficient maintenance of state-of-the-art infrastructure by timely diversion and allocation of funds. 

Academic Autonomy

Mkhitar Gosh ARIU is free to insert clinical training and internships into the curriculum. It also attracts the top faculty and researchers by offering freedom to carry out research on the topics of interest. Academic autonomy ensures that medical students have the requisite practical skills before entering their professional lives. It also creates a conducive academic environment to prepare for challenges.  

Staffing Autonomy

Staffing autonomy allows Mkhitar ARIU to hire only meritorious people for teaching and research positions. The freedom to set salaries, manage workload, and promote teachers ensures consistency in high standards of teaching.

Governance Autonomy

ARIU elects a leadership involving internal and external stakeholders that focuses on student success. Diverse perspectives and transparent communication ensure that there are no administrative hurdles and all decisions are taken in students’ interest.  

How does ARIU offer quality education?

Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian International University is a leading choice for international medical students. The following aspects uncover the reasons behind its continuing success. 


Mkhitar Gosh ARIU is accredited by a recognized accreditation body. The National Center for Professional Quality Assurance Foundation (ANQA) is a member of the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education. It is also registered by the European Quality Assurance Register for Higher Education.

The university is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS) and registered with the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER). 

Mkhira Gosh ARIU is also certified by the Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) and recognized by the National Medical Commission of India (NMC).

The medical programs of Mkhitar Gosh ARIU are recognized by AQNA. It ensures that faculty, programs, infrastructure, and governance standards meet the rigorous quality standards. 


A well-qualified faculty with global experience in their fields ensures high academic standards at the university. The faculty encourages practical learning and original thinking while preparing medical students for their professional lives. Many teachers in the ARIU are actively engaged in research which enables them to share the latest developments in the classroom.


The medical curriculum at Mkhitar Gosh ARIU is based on international standards. Faculty members, researchers, and experts collaborate with industry and international partners to design globally relevant and competitive programs.


ARIU offers laboratories with modern medical technology. Well-equipped classrooms, libraries with medical journals and the latest books, and simulation suites for clinical training add to the advantage. The university’s partnership with the National Library of Armenia provides students with a rich collection of books and educational materials.


Industry and industrial collaborations create a learning ecosystem that prepares students to do well in challenging professional setups. Students gain practical experience through internships, clinical placements, and projects. The university’s partners and collaborators include:

  • Yerevan “Kanaker-Zetuyn” Maternity Hospital
  • Kardiomed Family Medical Center
  • Armenia Medical Center
  • Clinic of Modern Surgery
  • National Oncology Center of Armenia
  • S.V. Malayan Ophthalmological Center

International Student Support

Mkhitar Gosh ARIU’s international student support facilities are a major factor in its popularity among international students. Language tutoring and help in adapting to a new culture ensure a comfortable learning environment for international medical students.

Continuous Improvement

Mkhitar Gosh University believes in the philosophy of continuous improvement. Regular reviews of programs, policies, and practices ensure that the university meets the global standards. The university lays special emphasis on understanding and fulfilling the evolving needs of students.

Education Strategy 2030

Mkhitar Gosh ARIU fulfills the promises of the Education Strategy 2030. It is working on the following aspects mentioned in the State Programme for Development of Education:

  • Greater international collaboration
  • Focus on problem-solving and real-world scenarios for training medical students
  • Infusion of technology 
  • Adoption of more simulation tools
  • Access to the latest research for graduates

Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian International University (ARIU) stands out as a model for quality medical education in Armenia. While Institutional Autonomy prepares the conditions for success, its world-class faculty and modern infrastructure explain its success.

Industry-responsive curriculum and investment in international collaboration are enhancing the quality of education at the university.

Continuous innovation, financial independence, and accreditations ensure its students are well-equipped to face the evolving challenges of the healthcare industry.

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