Striking Features of Armenian-Russian International University in Armenia

Since there are fewer chances for the nine lakh NEET qualified Indian students to procure admission in the medical colleges of India with only approximately 92,000 seats, they are seeking opportunities to study MBBS abroad. Apart from Russia, Armenia is also becoming a top destination for MBBS abroad due to renowned medical universities with economical fee structures. 

Among the best medical institutions in Armenia offering high standard medical education to Indian students, Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian International University has been capturing the eyeballs for a long time for numerous reasons.

Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian International University: An Overview

Established in 1996 and located in the city of Yerevan, Armenian-Russian International University is one of the leading medical universities in Armenia that offers high-quality medical education to students worldwide. The medical program of the university is designed to cover both the Basic Sciences and Clinical Training programs. It helps the students learn about the MBBS course comprehensively to eventually comply with the requirements of the medical licensing exam of India and other countries like the UK, USA, Canada, etc. 

The world-class MBBS program at Armenian-Russian International University is six years, including one year of internship and instruction in English. These programs allow students to learn about the applications of basic sciences in medical sciences, such as anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, histology, and medical terminology.

Top Reasons To Choose Armenian-Russian International University For MBBS Abroad

1. Recognitions

Any university becomes popular and reputed worldwide through the series of recognitions and accreditations it receives from the global statutory bodies. Armenian-Russian International University is recognized by the Ministry of Education and Science of Armenia, listed under the World Directory of Medical Schools and Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research; and impaneled by the National Medical Commission (erstwhile Medical Commission of India).

Since the university is well-recognized by the above international institutions, Indian medical graduates from here can practice medicine anywhere in the world after clearing the licensing exam of the country of their choice.
2. Clinical university

Armenian-Russian International University is a full-fledged clinical university that is also becoming a top choice for Indian students to study MBBS in Armenia. The medical institution takes pride in its modern and cutting-edge infrastructure, fulfilling learning environment, cutting-edge technology, scenic surroundings and locations in the vicinity, advanced classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, and resourceful libraries. 

Moreover, the university provides clinical training to its students in reputed and well-established hospitals and clinical bases to help them develop as efficient medical professionals. 
3. International student diaspora

One of the biggest fears that loom over the minds of Indian students when deciding to study MBBS abroad is how they will survive in a foreign country with a different language, culture, and people. But let us tell you that Armenian-Russian International University is home to 200+ Indian students. Moreover, there will be no language barrier as there will be students from other international countries comfortable communicating in English. Moreover, the students will learn about Armenian and other foreign cultures while staying at the university. 

4. Comfortable hostel accommodation

Considering the comfort of Indian students a top priority, Armenian-Russian International University has established fully furnished hostels to ensure healthy and comfortable living conditions for the students during their stay at the university. The hostel accommodation is provided to the students on the payment of hostel fees. Such facilities have beds, chairs, tables, a wardrobe, Wifi and internet, water and electric connection, and other necessities for everyday use. Moreover, the hostel rooms are available on a sharing basis, and their selection depends upon the discretions of the students.

5. Quality medical education

Armenian-Russian International University takes special care in providing medical education to its students, especially international students, to ensure they make the most of their time during MBBS in Armenia. The 6-year MBBS program at the university helps students to do better in medicine, clinical training, research, and other clinical activities. The MBBS curriculum of the university is designed as per international standards to offer the best quality medical education at affordable costs. Every semester covers different subjects offering comprehensive knowledge about the medicinal field. 

6. Affordable tuition fees

One of the biggest reasons why Indian students move to study MBBS in other countries is the low MBBS fees of medical universities abroad. Armenian-Russian International University has an affordable MBBS fee structure comprising tuition fees, hostel fees, mess fees, etc. The MBBS fees in Armenia at the university start at INR 15 lakhs for Indian students.

7. Indian food

Armenian-Russian International University has a good mess facility with Indian chefs that cooks delicious and hygienic Indian delicacies for the Indian students studying MBBS at the university. The main reason for having this special facility for the MBBS students in India is to make them feel at home in Armenia. 

8. Promotion of extracurricular activities

Apart from providing the best quality medical education to Indian and other international students, Armenian-Russian International University takes special care in promoting extracurricular activities among its students for their mental and physical development. The medical institution has well-developed sports facilities, auditoriums, etc. where cultural, sports and other events like seminars are organized for the students.

9. Organizing cultural and festive events

As the university is home to students from various countries, an intermingling of different cultures was noticed at Armenian-Russian International University. The medical institution ensures to celebrate almost all the important festivals of the countries where its students hail . For the Indian students, Diwali and Holi celebrations are organized to make them feel good and not homesick on festive occasions, and to imbibe rich cultures and traditions of their country. 

10. Clinical rotations at top medical institutions

Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian International University has cooperation agreements with fifteen of the world’s most reputed hospitals and research institutes to help its students learn clinical care and get proper medical training. They also serve as a home base for more than 200 physicians and scientists with faculty appointments.

The Final Words

Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian International University has been the dream MBBS destination for thousands of Indian students to date, immensely contributing to their journeys of becoming successful and renowned doctors. With the Indian staff members and the students at the university, you will certainly not feel alone or homesick but only learn and grow in such a conducive and positive environment.   

The admissions for 2022-23 are open, and interested students can register for MBBS with Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian International University by calling on +374 91 191184.

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