Do's and Don'ts: MBBS Admission Process in Armenia Universities

Looking to pursue an MBBS abroad?- If yes, then Armenia can be a dream destination for a lot of students looking to get themselves enrolled to study medicine in Armenia. With its top-class faculty and affordable tuition fees, Armenia has become a popular choice among international students looking to study abroad.

MBBS in Armenia can be the best option for medical aspirants owing to its low MBBS course fees, good clinical exposure, quality medical education, state-of-the-art facilities, well-equipped laboratories.

Let us explore the common mistakes and key takeaways to be kept in mind while opting to study MBBS in Armenia.


  1. Through research: Begin your academic journey by researching universities offering MBBS in Armenia. You can take these factors into consideration for say, university ranking, faculty, and infrastructure. This step sets the tone for a successful academic experience. It is necessary to conduct research of your own so as to be more profound about which university to opt for.

  2. Understand admission requirements:  Each university may have specific admission criteria. It is crucial to understand the admission process which generally includes eligibility criteria, language proficiency, or any specific entrance examination. This information is usually available on the university's site or through their admissions office.

  3. Financial Planning:  You must estimate the total cost of the MBBS program in Armenia covering the tuition fees, cost of accommodation, food expenses, and other miscellaneous expenses. Armenia is known for its affordability, but still, financial planning is necessary. You can look for scholarships or financial aid options to alleviate some of your financial burden.

  4. Seek guidance:  You may gain valuable information on the choice of a suitable institution, how to navigate culture's nuances, and make the admission process effective by consulting an educational expert or looking for advice from alumni students who have similar experiences.

  5. Language Proficiency:  Determine the language of your program; which is often English or Armenian, If you opt for a language which is not your native tongue, you must ensure to meet the language proficiency requirements. Taking up language tests like IELTS, or TOEFL is common or even necessary for admission in some universities.


  1. Procrastinate:  The admission process is time-sensitive. Start your application early to avoid last-minute stress and complications. Missing deadlines can significantly impact your chances of acceptance.

  2. Ignore accreditations:  Accreditations are a crucial aspect of choosing a university. Ensure that the university you opt for must be recognized and accredited by relevant authorities. Avoid institutions with questionable credentials as they can jeopardize the quality of education you receive. Degrees from unrecognized universities may not be acceptable by medical councils or licensing authorities.

  3. Overlook visa regulations:  Familiarize yourself with the visa requirements, immigration laws, and regulations of the country. Ignoring or misunderstanding visa requirements may lead to delays, or even worse, rejection of your application. Students must stay up to date with the visa policies and the visa application well in advance.

  4. Disregard cultural differences:   Armenia has rich cultural diversity and heritage; respecting and understanding their cultural nuances can elevate your overall learning experience in Armenia. Take time to understand their local customs and traditions in order to engage in cultural exchange programs or student communities to enhance and enrich the academic life as an MBBS student in Armenia.

  5. Rely solely on online resources:  Although online resources are valuable, students must verify the information with the institutions directly in order to gain clarity regarding the admission process. Misinformation can have severe implications and can potentially hinder your application process.


Embarking your new MBBS journey in Armenia is a transformative experience, and adherence to these do's and don'ts can significantly affect the outcome positively. Through research, careful planning, and proactive measures not only secure your admission but also ignite the stage for a successful medical career.

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