Life as an MBBS Student in Armenia

Armenia is one of the famous destinations to study MBBS Abroad for Indian students. Armenia is a beautiful landlocked country located in the South Caucasus region of Eurasia. It has a rich and ancient history dating back to the 6th century BC, with a distinct cultural heritage that includes a unique language, cuisine, music, and dance. Armenia is also known for its picturesque landscapes, including the towering Mount Ararat, which is considered a national symbol despite being located in Turkey.    

Today, Armenia is a democratic republic with a growing economy and a vibrant tech industry. Armenia remains a popular destination for tourists seeking history, culture, and natural beauty. As an MBBS student in Armenia, you will experience a unique blend of tradition and modernity. This on the other hand makes life in Armenia easier for International students. 

MBBS in Armenia

MBBS program in Armenia is a six-year course, and students are trained in both theoretical and practical aspects of medicine. The first two years of the program focus on the basics of medicine, including anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, and pathology. Students also learn about medical ethics, communication skills, and patient care during this period. 

In the third and fourth years of the program, students begin their clinical rotations. This is where they get hands-on experience working with patients in various medical specialties, such as surgery, pediatrics, internal medicine, and obstetrics and gynecology. During their clinical rotations, students work under the supervision of experienced doctors and healthcare professionals.

The final two years of the MBBS program in Armenia are dedicated to further clinical training and preparing students for their future career as doctors. Students take more advanced courses in their chosen medical specialty, and they also have the opportunity to participate in research projects and attend conferences and seminars.

Life as an MBBS student in Armenia can be challenging, but there are many resources available to help students succeed. The universities have highly experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated faculty for providing students with a rigorous and comprehensive education. Students also have access to state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, including modern laboratories, hospitals, and clinics for their academic training.

Student Life in Armenia

Armenia has a highly developed educational system, which provides the best quality education to all its citizens. The country's universities offer a wide range of courses in various fields, including medicine, engineering, law, economics, and humanities in both the local language as well as in English medium. The academic year in Armenia begins in September and ends in June, and most universities have a two-semester system.

Studying MBBS in Armenia has access to a wide range of academic resources including libraries, computer labs, and research facilities. The National Library of Armenia is the largest world repository of Armenian publishing products and the center of the national bibliography.

At the top medical universities in Armenia, students live a vibrant and diverse life. There are many student organizations and clubs, which provide opportunities for students to engage in extracurricular activities and socialize with their peers. These organizations range from academic clubs, such as the math or physics club, to cultural clubs, such as the Armenian dance club or the photography club. These clubs also organize events and activities, such as lectures, movie nights, concerts, and festivals.

In addition to their academic studies, MBBS students in Armenia can also take advantage of the country's rich cultural heritage. Armenia is home to many historic sites and cultural landmarks, such as the ancient city of Yerevan, the Geghard Monastery, and more. Students in Armenia have the opportunity to immerse themselves in this culture, through visits to museums, cultural events, and festivals. Students can also participate in local festivals and events, such as the Yerevan Wine Days Festival and the Golden Apricot Yerevan International Film Festival, which takes place every year and features films from around the world.

Living in Armenia as a Student

Living in Armenia as a student is relatively affordable compared to other countries in the region. The cost of living in Armenia is lower than in many European countries, and the cost of education is also relatively affordable. 

Accommodation options for students in Armenia include dormitories, apartments, and hostels. Most universities in Armenia have dormitories, which are affordable and provide students with easy access to campus facilities. Students can also choose to rent apartments or rooms in shared apartments, which can be more expensive but offer more independence and privacy.

Transportation in Armenia is also affordable and efficient. The country has an extensive network of public transportation, including buses, minibusses, and taxis. Students can also use the metro system in Yerevan, which is cheap and convenient. The country also has a well-developed railway system, which provides access to other regions and neighboring countries.

Challenges Faced by Students in Armenia

Despite the benefits of studying in Armenia, there are also some challenges that students may face. One of the significant challenges is the language barrier. The official language in Armenia is Armenian, and while many students and professors speak English, not all do. Students who do not speak Armenian may find it challenging to communicate with locals. Therefore, for international students who are studying MBBS in Armenia, it is important to learn the local language for smooth communication. 


Overall, life as an MBBS student in Armenia is both challenging and rewarding. The program is rigorous and demanding, but students have access to top-notch resources and facilities. The country's rich cultural heritage also provides students with opportunities to explore and experience new things outside of their studies. If you are considering studying medicine in Armenia, you are embarking on an exciting and fulfilling journey.

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